As USAID’s flagship project for morbidity management and disability prevention in the area of neglected tropical diseases, the MMDP Project provides short-term technical assistance to other countries in the USAID NTD portfolio. 

Vietnam – In March 2016, the MMDP Project supported implementation of the World Health Organization’s Direct Inspection Protocol to evaluate the availability and quality of selected disease management services for lymphatic filariasis in designated health facilities.

Haiti – In November and December 2016, the MMDP Project provided technical assistance to the Haitian Ministry of Health and its NTD implementing partners IMA World Health and the University of Notre Dame in evaluating the country’s lymphatic filariasis disease management capacity and services. The exercise, which focused on selected health facilities in Haiti’s West, Center and Artibonite departments, made use of situation analysis and direct inspection protocols developed by the World Health Organization. Additionally, the evaluation team examined the feasibility of implementing several tools for assessing the availability and quality of surgical care. The work was carried out in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Information from these activities will be used by Haiti’s National Program to Eliminate LF to develop a national strategic plan for provision of lymphatic filariasis morbidity management services, and to inform the development of WHO’s lymphatic filariasis morbidity management and disability prevention toolkit.